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Year 6

Reach For The Stars!

Art Day

Today we have been lucky enough to have some art specialists from Abbots Hill school visit and teach us some new art techniques. More photos to follow...

On our Prayer Day we did lots of different activities around the theme of Our Natural World. We thought specifically about how we can protect the planet and the things we love on it. We committed to three pledges on how to save the world, such as buying fair trade chocolate and turning lights of when we leave the room.

Year 6 wrote prayers on paper planes that they wanted to be said for them by their buddy in Year 2. We then joined our buddies on the playground and threw our prayer planes to one another so we could pray for each other. 

Year 6 Tag Rugby Event

Thank you to Camelot Rugby Club for inviting us to the Year 6 tag rugby event. It was brilliant to see all the children so excited about sport!

This week we have been lucky enough to have the dance crew Urban Strides at Nash Mills. Each class got to spend a session with Jenny who taught the routine. At the end of the day, we had an assembly to showcase what we had done during our dance lesson. It was a great opportunity to learn something new and get the children excited about dance!



What a fantastic week at PGL!

Here are a few pictures from our time away. We don't want to give too much away as we would like to tell you all about it during our Class Assembly in a few weeks time.

How many of these brilliant books will you read before you leave Year 6?