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Year 6 Spring curriculum


Our topic this term is geography. 

We will be studying maps and use grid references and scales. We will consider how oceans affect our climate and the impact of global warming.

We will learn about the 10 biomes and 6 main climate zones across the world. Our specific focus will be the marine biome.


Please see summary of our topics below.


Helping at home

With each subject, there may be things that you can do at home to support your child's learning.  Please see the ideas below. 


In maths, keep playing on TT Rockstars. Times tables underpin so many aspects of maths and having quick recall of these will help move learning on at a good and appropriate pace. Ask your child to explain what they are doing in maths at school. If they can tell you, it shows the learning has been embedded and that they have a good understanding.  


In English, it is very important for your child to be reading at home. Let them read independently but do encourage them to read to you, it is still important in Year 6! Ask your child questions about the story and encourage them to think about what might happen next. Ask them to pick out words or phrases they are unsure and then discuss these. We ask that your child reads every day and records it in their reading records. Reading is the base for all learning across the school so please do make this a priority. Children learn best by example, reading to them will show them that you value reading and even adults like being read to!


Encourage your child to write at any given opportunity! When writing at length, they should reread their work for errors and edit it to improve, thinking carefully about vocabulary choices, aiming to create an image in their readers mind.


In science, we shall be learning about light. We will consider what refraction is, make observation and conclusions about shadows and investigate how we see colour. If your child wishes to do so, they could do some research into this prior to lesson so they are an expert!


In geography, can you locate cities and towns in the UK on a map? What do you already know about the earth’s biomes? Can you locate them on a map? What do you understand about global warming and the impact it has on our planet? 


In computing, we will learn about coding on software, creating algorithms and fixing errors.


In May, the Year 6 children will sit the Key Stage 2 SATs papers. With this in mind, some afternoon sessions will be geared towards revising aspects of the curriculum that were learnt in previous year groups. Whilst it is important that we do not apply too much pressure to the children regarding SATs, they will be tested throughout their school life and we should always be encouraging them to work hard and fulfil their potential. I will aim to make these sessions as interesting as possible for the children with games, quizzes and partner work.



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