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Year 2

Home Learning


Well done! We have made it to the last week!

I am looking forward to seeing you again in  September, I will pop into Year 3 to say hello.

As I haven't been able to see you, you will also get a little present then too!

Stat safe over the summer.


Miss Brewer






Week beginning 13.7.20
Week Beginning 6.7.20
Week beginning 29.6.20
Week beginning 22.6.20
Week beginning 15.6.20
Week beginning 8.6.20
Week beginning 1.6.20
Friday 22nd May
Thursday 21st May
Wednesday 20th May
Tuesday 19th May
Monday 18th May
Friday 15th May
Thursday 14th May
Wednesday 13th May
Tuesday 12th May
Monday 11th May
Friday 8th May

Friday Maths Challenge

Thursday 7th May
Wednesday 6th May
Tuesday 5th May
Monday 4th May

Spellings- Sorry I missed last weeks :(

Friday 1st May
Maths- Friday Maths Challenge!
Thursday 30th April
Wednesday 29th April

English (Sorry, I added day 2 again- now fixed with day 3!!! :) )

Tuesday 28th April
Monday 27th April
Friday 25th April
Friday Maths Challenge
Thursday 24th April
Wednesday 23rd April
Extra Curricular- Geography

Over the next few weeks you will be doing some work on maps.


Go through the ppt together. Discuss what you already know about maps and have a go at sketching a map of school and the local area.

Tuesday 21st April
Monday 20th April


Read the guidance with your child and follow the instructions. 




There will be a short video to watch to help with the mathematical concept. The activities are next to the video and so are the answers. I will also put them below to help.

Copy and paste the link to get to the video. (I will save the link on a word document for you to follow if it does not work)

Remember it is one lesson a day!


You are working from week 3 Summer term. 

Lesson 1- Find 3 quarters 

Friday 3rd April
Thursday 2nd April


Here is some Easter themed maths. It suggests to use 10 or 20 sided dice...…... I would just write the numbers on small pieces of paper and mix them up to generate your numbers. (Unless you have them of course!!wink)

As you already have lots of English activities here are some crafts related to space if you wish to have a go. If you don't have all the bits you need, don't worry, just use what you can. smiley

Wednesday 1st April


I hope you have been practicing telling the time! Your maths has 3 levels of challenge. (Chilli Challenge!) Choose which one you wish! You can always start cool and work up to hot...

English- I know you have lots of English already but just do them when you can. Even if you don't get round to it until next week it doesn't matter. It will stay on here for when you are ready for it.


Follow the powerpoint and the worksheets are labelled in the correct order.

Tuesday 31st March
Monday 30th March
Friday 27th March
Thursday 26th March
Wednesday 25th March
Tuesday 24th March

Look what we can do!

Autumn Term

In Science we have been looking at materials. We made structures for the 3 Little Pigs to live in, making sure they were strong.

In maths we worked together in groups to order numbers.

We used the balance scales to make comparisons. We were challenged to make the scales balance using different objects and then used the weights.

Spring Term

We used rulers and tape measures to measure objects around the classroom.

Suggested reading list


The 'Sophie' books - Dick King Smith

The Hodgeheg - Dick King Smith

Killer Cat - Anne Fine (and other appropriate titles by her)

The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog - Jeremy Strong (and other appropriate titles by her)

Horrid Henry - Francesca Simon

Mr Majeika - Humphrey Carpenter

The Magic Finger, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl

Flat Stanley - Jeff Brown

The Worst Witch - Jill Murphy

Zog & Tyranna - Julia Donaldson

The Tear Thief - Carol Ann Duffy

More challenging books

Frog and Toad Together - Arnold Lobel

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark - Jill Tomlinson

My Naughty Little Sister - Dorothy Edwards

Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf - Catherine Storr

Mrs Pepperpot - Alf Proysen

Gobbolino, The adventures of the Little Wooden Horse - Ursula Moray Williams

Maths Workshop

Practise maths skills at home

The children have each been given a login to a Maths activity website called Sumdog which has maths games aimed at improving their speed and accuracy in mental maths. To access this at home please visit:

Their usernames are their first name, beginning with a capital letter, followed by the first letter of their surname (also a capital letter); their password is cat and the school code is nashmills.

e.g. Username: BenD

       Password:  cat

       School code: nashmills


Please note that the activities are tailored to each child's abilities according to their results, so if older siblings use the same log-in , it will affect the questions asked.

Google Map

Link to Google Maps