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Year 5

Spellings 22.9.20 Words with the prefix 'anti' . Please note we had a long discussion about the spelling of aging - and the dictionary says it can be spelt with or without an e (ageing) . We have decided to learn it without the 'e' because that is more consistent with spelling rules we follow eg taking, smiling etc. So please cross out the e in that word!! Remember that if you find spellings tricky to learn, please learn the first 6.

Homework: Friday the 11th of September 2020

Spellings for this week will be added on Tuesday 

Hi Year 5,


Just to let you know that new spellings will be set on the website every Tuesday . Your first spelling check up will be Tuesday 22nd September and your first list to be practising is here.  Please make sure that you can use all these words in a sentence.

If you find spellings tricky, please don't worry.  We will support you.  If you can, try to learn the first 6 in the list.

Spellings 15.9.20 Words with the prefix 'inter'

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