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Year 4

Our book for the Spring 1st half term is:

Dogs don’t do Ballet

By Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie

What this book is about

‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’ teaches children to go for their dreams.

During the story, the narrator puzzles over that fact that her dog is different to others… Everyone tells the dog that he can’t be a ballerina, but he proves in the end that you can be what you want to be.  This gives the children the chance to talk about difference and gender stereotypes.  How we can be what we want to, with a little bit of practice!

Link to hear this book being read:

Our book for the Spring 2nd half term is:

Along Came a Different

By Tom McLaughlin

What this book is about

Along Came a Different provides opportunity to discuss attitudes towards race and racism – the red shapes don’t like the blue shapes, who in turn don’t like the yellow shapes or the red shapes. At the key point of the story, the shapes draw up a set of segregation rules, which gives a class a basis to work from. What do we think of these rules? How can we rewrite them?

Link to hear this book being read:

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