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In this topic, we will be focusing on stories and tales from the past.  



We will be thinking about the attributes of a superhero and discussing their superhero powers. The children start the topic by will dressing up in superhero outfits for the day to engross them in the topic. We will be writing words and sentences about superheroes and our challenge will be to build a superhero car in the construction area. Will will make up superhero names for all the children that they can write down and we will use speech bubbles to record superhero conversations. We will be presenting problems to solve such as matching numbers to find keys to unlock superheroes who are 'trapped' or thinking of how we could construct a superhero car or HQ. Towards the end of the topic, we will consider our 'real life' superheroes and will talk about key workers, such as those that work for the NHS, police service, fire service, armed services etc. We will think about the types of jobs they do and the attributes required to be successful.



Easter is a very important time for us as a Christian school. We will learn about the story of the Jesus; coming into Jerusalem, his disciples, the last supper, his death and his resurrection. We will talk about the symbols of Easter, such as the Easter egg, palm leaves and the cross. We will discuss the relevance of the hot cross bun, Easter bunnies and chicks and think about why these are considered important at this time of year.




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