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Fairy tales

In this topic, we focus on stories and tales from the past. We will look at a variety of traditional tales, with a main focus on Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. We look at the characters in the books, thinking of how we could describe them. We will other read alternatives to the traditional story and have fun playing with the characters, changing their roles in the story and making up our own traditional tale. Towards the end of the topic, there will be a focus on knights and dragons. We will read fairy tales and enjoy our castle role play area.    


The Zoo

In this topic, we start with a focus on the zoo environment. We will begin with a trip to the zoo to start the topic with a bang! We will look at all kinds of different animals, thinking about what they look like, where they come from and what they eat. We will think about the benefits of the zoo; how to look after the animals and we will talk about endangered species. As we progress through the topic, we will focus more on animals in the wild - discussing what a habitat is, what makes a good habitat and why animals might be happier there. We will look at the world map and discuss the different climates and environments. At the end of the topic, we will discuss the big question - "Are zoos a good thing or a bad thing?".



Easter is a very important time for us as a Christian school. We will learn about the story of the Jesus; coming into Jerusalem, his disciples, the last supper, his death and his resurrection. We will talk about the symbols of Easter, such as the Easter egg, palm leaves and the cross. We will discuss the relevance of the hot cross bun, Easter bunnies and chicks and think about why these are considered important at this time of year.




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