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Year 4 - Autumn Term Curriculum


Our main topic this term will focus on

The Anglo-Saxons



In our history lessons we shall be developing our vocabulary to describe when things happened in the past. We shall be exploring the work of archaeologists and the role of artefacts as primary sources of evidence from the past.  A visit to Mountfitchet Castle will be a highlight of the topic where we will see first hand what life was like for Anglo-Saxon people.  Children will prepare presentations of their learning, giving them an opportunity to develop their performing and communication skills - a key aspect of our school vision.


In addition to this topic, we will be covering all areas of the curriculum.  If you would like to know more about the depth of learning, please see the curriculum pages on this website. A summary of our topics can be viewed below.

Support at home makes a world of difference to every child's progress so here are some ideas you can explore together at home.


In maths, please make every use of Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS).  Find times table songs that you can sing together in the car! In addition, this website has lots of fun games


In spelling, please talk through all the words and help your child to understand how to use them in a sentence.  Can they make up a sentence with the word indefinite or inedible?

Look out for spelling patterns as you read together.

Many parents have found helpful. Please note, there is a fee of £10 to register.


In English, a vital way to help your child is to encourage a routine of reading, so please make this a priority.  Reading is the base for all learning across the school.  We ask that you discuss with your child what they have read and ask them questions to deepen their understanding.  Asking for a summary of what a character is like or what a chapter was about, is an excellent way to help children develop key reading skills.

Please note down their home reading in their reading record books which should be in school every day.


Don't forget to keep reading to your child and give them access to high quality audio stories to demonstrate to them that you value reading.


In History, you could consider a making a trip to The British Museum to see the artefacts dug up from the burial ship at Sutton Hoo.


In RE and Science, why not look through the non-fiction section in Hemel Hempstead library and borrow books about Jewish beliefs and practices and about how digestion works in humans?




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