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We will be thinking about the attributes of a superhero and discussing their superhero powers. The children start the topic by will dressing up in superhero outfits for the day to engross them in the topic. We will be writing words and sentences about superheroes and our challenge will be to build a superhero car in the construction area. Will will make up superhero names for all the children that they can write down and we will use speech bubbles to record superhero conversations. We will be presenting problems to solve such as matching numbers to find keys to unlock superheroes who are 'trapped' or thinking of how we could construct a superhero car or HQ. Towards the end of the topic, we will consider our 'real life' superheroes and will talk about key workers, such as those that work for the NHS, police service, fire service, armed services etc. We will think about the types of jobs they do and the attributes required to be successful.



The Seaside

Our next topic to finish our early years curriculum will be the seaside. We will look at the seaside and all the exciting things it has to offer and then we will progress onto life under the sea; for the final week, we will pose the question "How can we look after our world?".

We will have beach role play, with a rock pool area, a sand area and deck chairs/umbrella, with picnic items, beach towels and sun screen, as well as lots of pictures and new seaside vocabulary. We will look at lots of fiction and non-fiction books to find out what is under the sea, including books such as Tiddler, Rainbow Fish, Shark in the Park, Commotion in the Ocean and Sharing a Shell.  We will also consider how to survive on a desert island and we will write a message in a bottle. We will look at maps of the world to see where the five oceans are and consider different habitats such as the coral reef, the Antarctic and deeper down in the sea. In the last phase of this topic, we will consider what we can do to stop the plastic in the oceans and think about the welfare of the sea and those that live in it.

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