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Bug hunting in Reception

Easter activities in Reception



Morning everyone! (Again!)

Please take a look at this introductory video about Read Write Inc phonics.

For those that weren't at Nash Mills School during the last lockdown, Read Write Inc (RWI) is the scheme we use to teach phonics. We will be setting work daily and these videos will form part of the home learning. The video will describe some of the terms used (eg special friends) and will explain a little bit about the 3 sets of sounds. In Reception, we have so far gone through the Set 1 sounds twice and you should all now have the full set of sound cards for Set 1 in your child's book bag.    

I will send you the next link for you to watch the videos from tomorrow.

Mrs Wilson

Home learning 5.1.21


Good morning Reception. We hope you all had a restful Christmas break and that you are raring to go with some home learning. Mrs Mooney and I are so disappointed not to be seeing you this morning. sad The classroom has been tidied over the holidays and Mrs Mooney and myself have re-organised the craft area for you to get creative! I have also bought all the ingredients to make a healthy vegetable soup - but maybe now you can make this at home with Mummy or Daddy! 


Our topic this week is healthy eating.

Please start your learning by watching this video and think about what it means to eat well.


For Maths today, please look at the food themed counting puzzle below. You can match the items of food to the number by moving the pieces.


Please have a look through your sound cards to remind yourselves of all the set 1 sounds and then have a read of your reading book.


To finish off, please listen to this story. It is all about Oliver who goes to stay at his Grandad's house and learns a lot about the vegetables that grow in Grandad's garden. What vegetables does he eat? Which ones does he like? Think about what food you could try this week - you might like it!


After that, you could have a dance around in your lounge and listen to this vegetable song!


I hope you have a good day today. Don't forget to go into the garden or go for a walk if you can - the fresh air will be good for you!


Mrs Wilson and Mrs Mooney


PS I have also posted this learning on Evidence Me.


Christmas in Reception

Christmas started early in Reception with the arrival of the new Christmas decorations!

We talked about the story of the birth of Jesus and practised our nativity play. The children acted out the story using finger puppets and also retold the story using actions. We practised our addition skills by counting snowballs, snowmen and Christmas baubles. We drew pictures using numeric dot to dot and spelt out Christmas words. We wrote about the nativity story, listening carefully to the sounds we could hear in the words. We strengthened our fine motor skills by doing lots of cutting and by threading beads to make candy canes. We discussed advent and lit our Christmas wreath every week, lighting an additional candle as the weeks went by. We talked about the meaning of each candle - joy, peace, love and hope. We thought about the significance of each word. Finally, we made Christmas trees out of pine cones and also made a Christingle each.

Mostly though - we just had a lot of fun! smiley


We celebrated Diwali last week. We talked about how it is celebrated and watched informative videos and PowerPoints, which created good discussions. We learnt some dance moves and coloured rangoli patterns, thinking about which shapes we were using and learning about symmetry and pattern. We made diya lamps out of salt dough and also told the story of Rama and Sita; the children particularly relished retelling the story using finger puppets. We had a Diwali writing area, where we also wrote cards and celebrated using a pretend chocolate cake to share amongst family and friends.


We have been focusing on shapes in maths, alongside talking about space and our planets in the solar system. We have listened to lots of planet songs and we have made CVC words with rockets. We have read lots of space stories - our favourite being 'Aliens Love Underpants'. We talked about space constellations and made pictures using a ruler to draw lines and sticky stars. We cut out shapes and made rockets with our names on them. We also played space snap.  We also pretended to be in space during PE and made lots of different shapes with our bodies.

We talked about Autumn and Harvest.

We had a very busy first few weeks. Many of the children were slowly adapting to being back at school after lockdown, as well as coping with longer days, school dinners and a new set of friends. They have all done exceptionally well and we are super proud of them. 

One of the topics we covered was 'All about me', where we thought about our differences and similarities, talked about our home lives and got to know each other a little better. smiley  

What are we doing this week?

Hello everyone!

We are looking forward to starting school again and can't wait to welcome you all.

Please check this page regularly for updates and photos.

Mrs Wilson and Mrs Mooney.

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