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Year 2

Homework: Friday 25th September

This week we have started our topic on 'Events in the Past'. We had a quick look at why we celebrate bonfire night. Spend some time researching Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. You could produce a poster or some written work about this. If you want to send me a picture of your work please send it to the homework email address with my name as the subject.


For maths we have focused on place value. Choose a number and group them into tens and ones. I will attach a sheet to work on.

Homework: Friday 18th September

This week I would like your child to learn the 2x table. Learn it as number sentences




The children will have a test on this next Friday.

If they know it in order start to learn it out of order.

Week 1 Spellings


Look carefully at what group you need. Use lots of different ways to learn the spellings. Copy them, cut them up and rearrange, you could write them in different colours, use Look, Cover, Write, Spell, Check, write them in sand or make them out of playdough. Use any strategies that work for your child. 


Home work: Friday 11th September


This week I would like you to use an atlas or the internet to look at a map of the world. We have started to read a book about a little girl who came from Trinidad. 
Try to find it and then look at other places around the world.

Do they know where England is? Find America, France, Spain, Africa, Poland and any other places they may have heard of.
Spend some time really investigating where places are in the world. 

Welcome back! 


We have had a couple of good days settling back in last week and are looking forward to starting to get back into the swing of things this week


You will not have any spellings or reading books this week. The children will get their new reading books and reading records next Monday. I will spend this week getting to know your children a little better so I can make sure they get the right level of challenge for them.

Spellings will also start next week.


All the home work will be put on here for you to download. I suggest for spellings you get a little note book and write down the spellings to practice in. Make sure you use imaginative ways to learn them. 

Here are some suggestions:

Make up rhymes to help remember

Use different colours

Find any patterns you notice

Find words you already know inside them

Use look, say, cover, write, check

Write them out multiple times


Homework may look a little different this year. I will try to set lots of practical activities to reduce work being brought into school.


If you have any questions please email with my name (Miss Brewer) as the subject. I will try to get back to asap.


I look forward to working with your child and you!

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