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We are Geographers!
Led by Mrs Wilson

All of our learners will have:

  • Clear and extensive knowledge of the diversity of people and places in the global world around them
  • An understanding of environmental relationships and issues. It instils in our learners a curiosity and fascination about the world around them
  • The ability to study and care for future sustainability.


Children learn to be future Geographers by developing Geographical study and research skills and the ability to analyse and communicate their findings using subject specific vocabulary.


Children will gain an understanding of the local context of the school with topics on canals, WW2 and the local area and comparisons to other parts of the UK/world which will be further enhanced by trips to Frogmore Papermill, a canal museum and the canal as well as local walks to investigate the local area and how it has changed over time, using their map skills learnt throughout the school.


Geographical skills will be planned for progression across the school, being split into a number of areas of learning, which will be revisited each year.  These areas are:

  • Mapping our world
  • Oceans and Continents
  • The UK – countries and capitals
  • Weather
  • Europe
  • Landscapes
  • Biomes and climate zones


Pupils will have a weekly lesson of either history or geography, split into clear curriculum blocks.  For the Autumn term, there will be a greater focus on a history topic and in the spring term, there will be a focus on geography.  In the summer term, a locally-focussed enquiry-based topic will be taught to pupils which allows them to revisit and embed skills across both subject areas, through discrete teaching.


Mapping the world – each year group will work on maps, both online and in atlases. Developing map reading skills for locating countries and understanding where places are.  The 5 continents, 7 Oceans, The UK, Europe.  Locating places using longitude and latitude, time zones, grid references, planning routes.  Each topic should show the location on a map in relation to England and Hemel Hempstead.


Sequencing of Content

Our curriculum has been mapped against the national curriculum to ensure content is relevant and shows progression over each year group.  Topics are re-visited and built on as the children move up the school. For example in Y1 they study rivers in various countries and in Y4 they study the water cycle.


To make geography easier to access for some children we will give worksheets to minimise writing, pre teach difficult subjects and ensure key vocabulary and geographical terms are explained to ensure understanding.  We also use extra adults or peer support to repeat the teaching or instructions. To extend pupils we encourage them to apply their knowledge to the various subjects.


How we add richness through discussion

and cultural capital

We offer a wide variety of topics and learning to ensure children are exposed to a variety of geographical elements and can progress their learning throughout primary school and lead them onto secondary. Opening their eyes to the world and giving them an insight into what geography offers them so that at secondary school they have the knowledge and tools to gain further, deeper knowledge on the subject, inspiring them to be geographers




How this subject supports our Christian vision

We take an unbiased view when teaching different topics and concepts as well as getting involved in the local community for walks and we visit local places which may include places of worship.










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