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Year 5

Year 5 Home Learning during School Closure

13th July 2020

Dear Year 5,


 laugh It was super lovely to see you on Tuesday & to see how well you all are.


Keep going with all your learning activities.  What are you reading?  I finished Orphans of the Tide and thoroughly recommend it to you.  My other favourite book of lockdown has been 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross MacKenzie which is also brilliant.  We hope you will come back to Year 6 with a few good book recommendations.


As well as this week's work, you will see a selection of summer activities that are here to support you over the summer if you want them.  They're optional - to dip into & cherry pick from to suit your needs.  Scroll past them for the learning for this week.


We love hearing from you so write to us here -  and we will be able to respond to you. mail    


Best wishes


Mrs Bachour  smiley  and Mrs Barrett smiley 

Summer Activities Yr 5 going into Yr 6

Work for Monday 13th July - Friday 20th July 2020

Work for week Monday 6th  - Friday 10th July 2020

Work for week Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July

Work for week Monday 22nd  - Friday 26th June 2020

Work for week Monday 15th - Friday 19th June 2020

Work for week Monday 8th - Friday 12th June 2020

Well done to the writer of these 2 super poems.  laugh  yes


Mirror of Wishes


A mermaid looked in the mirror

And saw pearls and coral.


An exhausted mum looked in the mirror

And saw 10 sleeping babies.


A determined mage gazed into the looking glass

And saw a dimension of stars.


A cat stared in the glass

And saw the world of milk and catnip.


An alien looked in the mirror

And saw his UFO


But best of all, a girl was staring into the mirror

Waiting for a friend.


The Mirror of Despair


A mermaid looked into the mirror

And found her home destroyed.


The tired mum peered in the mirror

And saw the babies crying and screaming


The confused mage examined the mirror

And saw a swirl of confusion.


A cat scanned the glass

And saw a loud, horrid room with smell of mint.


The alien peered at the mirror

And saw an abandoned spaceship.


Worst of all, a girl looked into the mirror

And saw herself lonely and bullied.



Work for week Monday 1st  - Friday 5th June 2020


Here is some great science work that has been done at home - thank you for sending in the photo.

Colour magic with Skittles

Have you had a go at any of the colour activities yet? Look at what we did at school!

Work for week Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May

Maths resource

Work for Monday 11th  - Friday 15th May

Work for Monday 5th  - Thursday 7th May

Work for Monday 27th April - Friday 1st May 2020

Work for Monday 20th April - Friday 24th April 2020


Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April

Guidance For Parents

Work for Friday 27th March

Work for Thursday 26th March

Work for Wednesday 25th March

Work for Tuesday 24th March

           Year 5 visit to Hatfield House
Year 5 were lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful, autumn, dry and sunny day at Hatfield House.  We learnt about the history of this grand Tudor house being built before meeting Catherine Parr who told us about her life being married to King Henry VIII and then prepared us for entering his court. We sang to the king and listened to him explain his break from the church in Rome.  Lots of us thought this was the best bit of the day.  Later we met one of the King's guards who showed us the tools for executions (! - it was a bit gory) as well as Tudor armour and weapons.  It was hard to believe that we stood in the same room where Queen Elizabeth I stood over 400 years ago.
Another highlight in our day was visiting the Rare Breeds Farm where we fed the friendly (and quite hungry) animals.
We had time to eat our lunch and play at Bloody Hollows Playground as well.


In drama, we have been developing our skills of staying focussed and team work.  We worked together to create freeze-frames based on our study of the Legend of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Year 5 visit to Water Mill Care Home

Year 5 pupils visited the care home to share poems they wrote and poems they chose with some of the residents. They all enjoyed talking with many interesting people, including one lady with an OBE, two ex-teachers and a motorbike racer! 

Poetry Reading at Water Mill House Care Home

Gymnastics in Year 5

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