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Headteachers of the School

Headteachers of the School


Over the past 175 years, there have been a number of Headteachers, in various forms.  At the start of the school's existence, there was no specified 'Head' as there was only one teacher, led by the board of trustees.  


Since then, there have been the following:

1871-1873Mrs J Armstrong
1873-1875Miss N Keene
1875-1877Miss Cooper
1877-1911Miss Rebecca Bergman
1911-1932Miss Mercy Everitt
1932-1944Mr H Merkins
1944-1948Mr Lawrence Sully
1948-1964Mr Arnold Shackleton
1964-1969Mr Stuart Needham
1969-1978Mr Henry Clarke
1978-1987Mr John Tittensor
1987-2003Mr Donald North
2003-2007Mrs Jacqueline Lambert
2007-2020Mrs Rosie Washford-Mower
2020-presentMr Allan Maher


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