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The PTA has a key role in the life of our school

It helps parents: improve the school, get to know each other, share common concerns, and fundraise for ‘extras’ to enrich our children’s education.

It’s a good way to bring together parents and teachers who are interested in supporting their school.

It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together with a common goal. All parents can get involved, even if they only have a small amount of time available.


PTA meetings -

please come along and see how rewarding it is to be involved. If you can't make meetings let your class rep know that you can help at an event.


The PTA Committee Members

Kate Garvie  - Vice Chair

Debbie Hobson - Treasurer

Kaye Jordan - Joint Secretary

Leanne Glover - Joint Secretary

Michelle Brooks

Michelle Deller

Jacquie Green

Jo Knowles

Katie Lewis

Hazel Pritchard

Phil Reynolds

Georgina Rutter

Laura Williams

Mrs Washford Mower
Mrs Bill