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Our main topic this term will be Early Islamic Civilisation. 

Our topic focus this term will be on the history of Early Islamic Civilisation. We will think about what life was like in Baghdad during this time and compare it to life in London during that time. We will explore influential people and their findings that still influence learning and medicine today. 

The children will have the opportunity to carry out their own research and present their findings in a variety of ways. There will also be opportunities to discuss and present their work to the class.

Below you will find some more information about our curriculum coverage. 

Helping at Home


With each subject, there may be things that you can do at home to support your child's learning.  Please see the ideas below, which are optional extras.  We would love to see what you have been up to!


In maths, please continue to encourage your child to use Times Tables Rockstars. Having good knowledge and quick recall of multiplication tables, up to 12 x 12 will really help them progress in maths lessons. We will spend time developing reasoning and problem solving skills within lessons so ask what they have learnt about in maths. By encouraging your child to talk about it, you will help deepen their knowledge and understanding.


In English, a really important part to help your child at home is to read. We ask that you read every day with your child and record it in their reading records - please do not underestimate the power of reading to and with your child even when they are in Year 6. Reading is the base for all learning across the school so make this a priority for your family.

Talk! Talk about your day, talk about what you are doing, describe things with your children. Get your children to think of synonyms for words to help broaden their vocabulary, for example instead of saying something was small, call it miniscule or tiny. Encourage your child to write, even if it is just a little bit each day.


In science, we shall be learning about animals including humans, focusing on the circulatory system. The children will learn about the impact of exercise on the body and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. When your child is being active, discuss with them what is happening in their bodies, for example you could ask them why can they feel their heart beating so quickly.


In history, encourage your child to watch documentaries or read non-fiction books to broaden their knowledge on a particular event in history or topic. 


In computing, whilst we will be learning to programme with scratch and how to use spreadsheets, the most important thing you can do at home relating to computing is to talk to your child about online safety and appropriate use of social media. 


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