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Our book for the Spring 1st half term is:

The Spots and The Dots

By Helen Baugh

What this book is about

The Spots and The Dots is a lovely story in which we find out about how The Spots, who live on one side of the hill are told all about the scary Dots, who live on the other.  Neither play with eachother until one day, when the smallest Spot goes to the top of the hill and meets someone.  Someone who he finds is much more similar to himself that he realised.  This story helps children to understand difference and that by coming together, we can achieve lots of good things.  Some may also consider how we can make up our minds about what people are like.

Link to hear this book being read:

Our book for the Spring 2nd half term is:

Mommy, Mama and Me

By Leslea Newman

What this book is about

This half term’s book is all about families and thinks about people who are special to us.  Mommy, Mama and Me talks about the things Mommy and Mama do with their child and ask if our own families do similar things (go to the park, drink juice, kiss goodnight).  The children have the opportunity to talk about the special people in their families and the nice things that they do together.  The story exposes the idea that some families have two mums (or two dads) but that all families are different and all families are special.

Link to hear this book being read:

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