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We are Scientists!

Science is a significant part of human culture and represents one of the pinnacles of human thinking capacity. It provides a laboratory of common experience for development of language, logic, and problem-solving skills in the classroom.

Science is a key part of our curriculum offering pupils a range of skills and experience which support learning across the curriculum.  Through our teaching of science, all of our learners will have:

  • Excellent and broad scientific knowledge, supported by ideas and concepts with opportunities to explore certain themes in greater depth.
  • Strong scientific literacy, with the ability to access information, research, assess the validity of information they find and make informed decisions about their findings.  The ability to then discuss and challenge these ideas. 
  • Exposure to the most current and exciting scientific discoveries and research.
  • A knowledge of key scientists in history and how they helped to shape our world linked to the topic being covered.
  • Understanding of the links between science and religion; how through greater understanding, we can better love life, one another and our world.
  • A good understanding of the relevance of science in everyday life, allowing them to make informed decisions later in life regarding their own education.


Each class will have a weekly science lesson, usually lasting for the majority of an afternoon session.  Science should be enquiry-based wherever possible, with at least 50% lessons within any topic being focused on pupils experimenting, investigating and being able to ask key questions to develop their understanding.


It is also important that pupils see themselves at scientists; each KS2 topic, and some in KS1, will have time to explore an important scientist who has had an impact on that particular area.  Pupils will find out about how people become scientists and will be able to develop their own aspiration.  

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