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Parent Report Feedback 2019

Parent Report Feedback 2019


"I have been very pleased with my son's progress this year.  I am particularly pleased with his reading progress, and he is reading non-stop at home.  I am also pleased with his progress in maths.  As always I appreciate potential learning and development areas for the summer and look forward to sharing his summer scrapbook with yourselves."


"We have always been very proud of our son and we could not have any more admiration or pride for the fine young man he is becoming - we are however biased and whilst we play a very significant role in his journey of life, along the way he will meet others who will also have a very big impact on him as well. 

From the very first day he walked into your classroom you have found a way to inspire our son to try his very best, follow his dreams and really believe he can achieve great things.  He has always lacked a little in confidence, especially academically, and thanks to you, Year 6 has proved to be a great finish to his happy years at Nash Mills!  What you have given him this final year is a sense of self-belief, acceptance and real focus as well as inspiring him with your absolute passion in the subjects you teach - even Maths!  You have been kind and compassionate and shown great patience when he has needed extra support or guidance.

In life I think we all want to make a difference and I just want to say that you really do, and have, for our son ever since he was lucky enough to have you as his teacher in his final year of primary school. 

Really great teachers can make such a difference to the lives of our young people and I hope that you take a minute to truly receive the level of gratitude we feel for the role you have personally played in helping our son on his way.

Please do not underestimate the significant and most valuable of contributions you have made to his journey; he just has so much admiration for you!"


"Thank you for our son's fabulous report.  We are so very proud of how he is growing and developing and this really shows in his school work.  We agree he does sometimes need reassurance and the staff in Year 1 have a very caring and nurturing way of teaching and guiding which suits our son so well.  He loves school and is always wanting to push on, which is fantastic."


"Thank you for such an amazing report for our child. They have thoroughly enjoyed Year 3 and I feel they have progressed extremely well.  The team in Year 3 have been a huge influence on them and their care and guidance is invaluable."


"I am so happy that our child has received help from the school during a difficult time.  The report was lovely and really shows that you understand our child so well.  Our child has learnt so much this year and has really come on leaps and bounds in her learning.  Thank you so much for all your help and support."


"Many, many thanks to the Year 2 team for all their hard work, commitment and getting to know our daughter so well.  Without a doubt you have helped her confidence improve and inspired her learning."


"Wow! What an amazing report.  We couldn't be prouder of our son and the fantastic progress he has made in Year 2.  Thank you so much to the Year 2 team who have taken time and thought carefully about how to support him.  Our child has really enjoyed this year and we feel they have also grown in confidence."


" My daughter has come a long way and it's all down to the support which she has been given.  She has achieved loads and I'm very, very proud."


"Lovely to hear how well my daughter is doing, and a great catalogue of suggestions for what she can focus on in the summer.  I have been pleased with her progress and I look forward to sharing her summer scrapbook with you."


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