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 Our Music Curriculum 

Subject Intent

All of our learners will have:

  • A love of music from immersion in rich, inspiring musical opportunities
  • Access to a carefully structured music curriculum leading to increased self-confidence, creativity, determination, collaboration and sense of achievement
  • Regular opportunities to sing and to learn to play an instrument and to develop composing and performance skills
  • The ability to listen to a wide range of musical forms with concentration and to respond and reflect upon them using musical/subject specific vocabulary
  • The opportunity to participate in excellent extra-curricular provision, leading to happy musical memories
  • The experience of being united in Christian worship through sharing music together.


Key areas of Knowledge


  • Singing
  • Listening
  • Composing
  • Performing/Instrumental Performance


Expected outcomes are taken from the National Curriculum and the skills to be taught are drawn from the Model Music Curriculum along with the Charanga syllabus and professional expertise.

How the subject is taught

Each class has a weekly music lesson alongside other shorter music opportunities which total a minimum of 1 hour across a week. Main weekly lessons are delivered by teachers, teaching assistants and professional musicians.  In addition, all students are given opportunities to watch live performances of music.



  • singing embedded into daily routines
  • instruments always available both inside and outside for free exploration
  • targeted teaching for listening skills and sounds integral to phonic teaching
  • Nursery rhymes, rhythm and rhyme intentionally taught
  • Movement through music
  • Seasonal performance opportunities


  • Regular singing for pleasure/routines across the week
  • Weekly music lesson using Charanga – to include listening, singing, composing and performing
  • Frequent access to tuned and un-tuned instruments
  • Seasonal performance opportunities


  • Singing and listening taught in short spells across the week
  • Weekly professional instruction in learning to play an instrument
  • Regular performance opportunities


  • Singing and listening taught in short spells across the week
  • Weekly music lessons based on Charanga syllabus
  • Regular performance opportunities


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