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Phonics using phoneme frames!

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Welcome to Year One!

For the first few weeks of this term, we have been reading Dear Zoo in English. We have told and retold the story with the use of story maps, adding in our own characters and scenarios. We have also looked at the language used in the book, identifying the adjectives, verbs and nouns that appear. We have extended this into our writing, creating a 'WANTED' posted for the yeti, describing her attributes with the appropriate vocabulary.

In maths, we have focused on turns - half, quarter and three quarter turns - trying turns in the playground and using resources like Beebots to reinforce the learning. We have also been learning about measuring and comparison - looking at the sizes/weights of different objects and then comparing groups, moving onto using a 10s frame to help us with addition and subtraction.

In science, we have been learning about the animal kingdom, comparing ourselves with them, labelling different parts of the body, thinking about how we are the same and how we are different. In music, we have learnt about rhythm and have been using our bodies to move with the music and singing along to a song called 'Hey You!'. In geography, we are thinking about the weather and the changing seasons, looking at maps of the UK and watching the BBC weather forecast. In art, we have collected autumn leaves and enjoyed making leaf rubbings for our seasons display, as well as making our Christmas angels for our Christmas cards.

In PE, we have been learning to play rounders. We have practised batting, catching and fielding. We will hold a mini tournament with Year Two next week.