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What has Celebration Bear been up to?

In our school, we have lots of different people who celebrate things throughout the year, some religious and others to do with family celebrations.  We think that it is really important to understand each other and to know a little about the backgrounds of our families.  When there is a special day, families are invited to take home Celebration Bear so that she can join in the fun!  See below some of the adventures that our Celebration Bear has had!




Today is Christmas Eve but unfortunately due to the rising levels of COVID, it was decided that the Church Crib service should today be done virtually. Lachlan and the celebration bear watched as the Christian Nativity Story was retold and the animals and Characters were placed into the stable. We also lit candles and said prayers. 


Today is Christmas Day! Luckily, we were able to go to Church to celebrate. We could also see the crib scene from our virtual service yesterday for real! 


The colours in Church had changed. They had been ‘purple’ which is the colour used for periods of time when we should think deeply. Now they are gold and white which are the colours used in many Christian Churches for days of celebration. 





This weekend, Celebration Bear visited one of our families to join their Diwali celebrations!  They even dressed her up for the celebrations! 


She joined in festivities at home where they ate Indian sweets, lit diva lamps and did a Pooja (prayers) together as a family. She then joined them on a trip to grandma and grandpa’s house where they ate more Indian sweets and were visited by various family members.


Due to COVID, they had to book slots to visit the temple but fortunately travelled to two different Hindu temples in North West London and even managed to join in the hourly prayers called Aarti.  After a long day, everyone then returned home had a lovely family meal and enjoyed some fireworks at home. 



Ganesh Chaturthi


On Friday, Celebration Bear visited one of our pupils this time to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi the elephant god in Hinduism.

There was a big gathering with lots of Indian food!  Celebration Bear had good fun meeting friends and family and he really enjoyed the party!  To find out more, click here:



Rosh Hashanah!



On Monday, Celebration Bear visited one of our Nursery children and had a special Rosh Hashanah dinner with her.  Rosh Hashanah in Hebrew means the head of the year - on this day we celebrate the beginning of a new Jewish year.

He made a happy New year card with some help, and sang some of the holiday blessings, but they were all in Hebrew (so were a bit tricky for the Bear to learn!). 


He also tried some of the holiday's traditional foods and treats, which included:

  • A round Challa (sweet bread)
  • Honey cake
  • Apples dipped in honey - so that this year would be sweet - those were his favourites!
  • Pomegranate - so that we will be full of good deeds like the pomegranate is full of seeds.


Wishing everyone a SHANA TOVA - Happy New Year.

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