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Parent Report Feedback 2018

Parents' Responses to Reports Summer 2018


I would like to thank the teachers for their great efforts with my son. Many thanks to Mrs Washford-Mower for her encouraging words to him.


Whilst this is our son's first school report at Nash Mills, as parents we are s impressed with the feedback received on how well he is performing at school.  We are pleased that he is exceeding expectations in mathematics, literacy and understanding the world and on aspects of communications/language.  With the support of the Year 1 teacher we hope that he can prosper in expressive arts and have the confidence to really be himself over the next academic year.  We are happy that efforts have been made in Reception to develop further these areas and as parents welcome any guidance on how we can help to encourage him to grow.


We are pleased with our daughter's end of Year 4 report.  The support she receives is excellent.  We feel pleased that she has such caring teachers.  We will try and encourage her with extra work to help her.


I cant believe our daughter is at the end of her Nash Mills life!  Thank you for 7 1/2 wonderful years - she doesn't want to leave!  Year 6 has definitely been the best year yet - thank you so much to the brilliant Miss Bishop (we are very sad that our younger child won't get to experience the Miss Bish magic!)  We are very proud of our daughter and thank you for all your nurturing and encouragement and wonderful experiences throughout her Primary School life!


Thank you for a lovely report for my child.  I also appreciate the suggestions for her learning throughout the summer.


We are extremely pleased with my son's last school report from Nash Mills.  It's fantastic to see that he has straight A's for effort across all subjects and we really hope that he continues this attitude to learning at secondary school.  He seems to have grown in confidence this year and has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Year 6.  Thank you so much to his teacher for a great year;  he has loved his time in your class and we are confident that he is ready and prepared for secondary school.


My child has really enjoyed your class. You have made it fun but very educational for the kids. Thank you.


As parents it has been, and continues to be, such a pleasure to see that over the years our daughter has maintained putting in effort in her studies.  She has always been a keen learner and it has been lovely to know that the teachers at Nash Mills have continued encouraging her to grow and challenge her academically.  Her love for English has been evident from an early age, but as parents we are very proud that she is also progressing in maths, science and subjects such as geography, history and religious education.  As parents we always welcome input from the staff on how we can further develop her, and hope that over the summer we can establish some techniques to help her to stay focused in class.


Thank you for the support that has been given to my son.  We really feel that he's found his confidence and has thoroughly enjoyed this year of school.


What a great report.  I am extremely pleased with my child's progress in Year 4.


Thank you for making my daughter feel so comfortable and welcome at the school.  She has really enjoyed all aspects of her Reception year.


Thank you very much for working hard and providing opportunity for my child to learn.  I would really like to personally thank her teacher for providing support and guidelines and setting some challenges in order to improve my child's skills.  You are a brilliant teacher indeed!


Thank you for the detailed comments and for all you have done for our daughter this year. (Year 6)


Thank you for a very comprehensive and thorough report.  It really helps having confirmation of my child's areas of strength as well as development areas, and the encouragement to continue through the summer holidays.  I liked the fact that we get a report from her music teacher too.  We are really pleased with my child's continued effort and progress.


I have enjoyed reading my child's report and very much appreciate having suggestions to support continued learning throughout the summer.


We are really pleased with my child's school report this year, especially the A's across the board for effort. My child has really matured during her time in this class.  We will work over the summer holidays to improve her speed in both maths and writing to ensure she can keep up with the volume of work required next year.  Thank you to the teaching staff.


We are very proud of our son's report and that he is 'friendly, kind, helpful and polite'.  We've also been really impressed with his maths and spelling this year too.  We would like to thank all the staff involved in his learning this year.  We have been really pleased with the progress he has made in music too, and how good his piano playing is now.  We appreciate the comments on what can be worked on in preparation for Year 3.  We wish all the staff a happy and relaxing summer.


We are so proud of how our daughter's confidence has really grown over the last 2 years.  It is hard to believe she is leaving.  I will remember her years at Nash Mills with much fondness and know that she has had wonderful opportunities and a great start to her education.  Thank all, especially the Year 6 teacher and teaching assistants.


Thank you for helping my son make as much progress as he has.  We are very proud of him and are so grateful that he has such positive support at school.  Thank you for being approachable and helpful, you are doing a great job. (Reception)


We are so proud of our son's report! He has had a fantastic start to his school journey and we could not have asked for a more kind and caring team.  The teachers and nursery nurses have been amazing.  We have been particularly impressed with how his writing and mark-making have come on.  He loves school and that has been down to the wonderful teaching and learning in Nursery.


This report is very pleasing and we have noticed a marked difference this year.  We are very pleased with how far our daughter has come on with her learning.  Many thanks for all your support this year.


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