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Reception Autumn Term Topics


All about Me

This topic is designed for us to get to know our new children, as well as giving them an opportunity to find out about each other and to learn that we are all unique, sharing lots of similarities and differences. To start the topic, the children will learn about themselves - we will talk about the different parts of their bodies and think about what each part does. They will have the opportunity to compare themselves with others (eye colour, hair, height etc) and to talk about their families and life at home. We will talk about our favourite things - what we like to do, what we like to eat and toys we like to play with etc. As we move through the topic, we will start to think about other people and our relationships with them. We will talk about friendships and discuss what being a food friend means. We will think about our emotions and how our actions can effect other people. To finish the half term, we will talk about celebrating each other's differences. We will look at various celebrations around the world like Diwali and Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, as well as looking at different traditions and festivals across the world. We will also consider the fact that all people are the same in lots of ways and that we all celebrate many of the same things such as birth, death and other anniversaries in lots of different ways.



In this topic, we will learn about the planets and will consider the enormity of our universe. To start the topic, we will look at earth. We will think of some of the features of our planet and discuss different weather conditions and consider how we can look after our planet for the future. We will then move onto the solar system looking at the planets; thinking about the order of the planets, the size, colour etc and talking about the importance of the sun. Moving on, we will consider what life is like for an astronaut. We will talk about what their job is, what they do all day, how they eat and sleep on the space station and how they entertain themselves after work. To finish the topic, we will consider what life is like on the moon, thinking about the temperature, the weather and the features of the moon, comparing it with the features of the earth. We will also talk about whether there is other life in space, designing our own aliens. 



The children will learn about the birth of Jesus as we approach the end of term, as well as Advent. As a Christian school, we will follow the traditions of Christmas, lighting another advent candle every week as the month of December progresses. We will also have a daily advent calendar and will make Christingles. And of course, we will be doing lots of fun craft and working very hard on our Nativity production. ☺



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