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Road Safety Competition.

We invited a representative from Amey Waste Aware to come in speak to us about recycling. We spoke about different materials, in particular plastics, and how long they take to break down. We also talked about some of the items that can be made from recycled materials.

The Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) attended a local event to share ideas with three other schools about sustainable travel.

This is our ECO Council 2018-9

ECO Council


Our Eco Code

Give our planet another chance.
Our planet is getting warmer and ice caps are melting.

Getting refunds on our rainforests is impossible.
Reduce, reuse and recycle.
Everyone needs to play a part.
Electricity and water are valuable, so don't waste them.
Never drop litter, keep our world clean.

ECO council has held various meetings to date this year.


We have been discussing the management of our recycling program and how to solve  the problem of litter in and around the school. The playground and school buildings are regularly litter picked. Children now recycle all fruit peelings and all classrooms have a recycling box for paper and plastics. The kitchen staff recycle extensively, including all their packaging. The staff room and office also now have proper recycling bins.


We took part in the 'Switch off Fortnight', encouraging students to turn off unnecessary lights and electrical equipment. Year 6 presented the assembly to the rest of the school. 


We have also now planted our new hedge, kindly donated to us by the 'Woodland Trust'. It is growing along the fence at the back of the foundation area. When it gets a bit bigger, it will be a more attractive screen between the playgrounds and will hopefully promote wildlife.  Years 5 and 6 helped to plant the hedge, along with valuable assistance from Mr Skelton and Mr Lewis. Thank you to all involved.

School Council


The School Council aims to:

Involve all children in the running of the school

Give the children a voice

Represent the school

Improve the school.



School representatives have two very important jobs:
To represent the views and ideas of their classes at each meeting.
To let their classes know what decisions the school council has made and what ideas they are going to work on, on their behalf.

Reflections Council


Reflections council is made up of pupils, staff and parents.



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