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There’s a sense of ‘family’ at Nash Mills. I feel the children are very safe and secure within the walls of the school.


It is a caring, supportive and family orientated school which promotes the interests and needs of all children without discrimination.


They keep happiness and wellbeing of children at the forefront of school life. The headteacher treats children like they are her own. There is a closeness between children in all year groups; due to activities crossing year groups, children get to know all age ranges.


The school is relaxed but challenges my child enough. Schools should be a fun learning environment and I believe this school provides that. My child feels very special and is so happy here! Her older sibling was too – and where other schools had failed her.


All children are valued and feel cared for and happy.


It is one big happy family. There is a very caring and nurturing environment and close interaction between year groups.


I like the friendliness/openness. The teaching of ‘Christian values’ as ‘values’ without overplaying the religious aspect of what I consider (as an avowed secularist) to be desirable behaviours in all of us.


Children seem happy and there is a nice learning environment.


The obvious tolerance (and teaching of) other faiths within the C of E framework is excellent.


A key strength is its community spirit.


Activities to which parents/extended family are welcome to attend or participate in.


The children are polite and obedient.


There is excellent behaviour from the children.


The school's strengths are good leadership, excellent teachers and lovely support staff who have the child’s best interests at heart. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this school and have had happy, positive experiences.


My son is very happy at the school, he enjoys being challenged in his learning.


There is a good level of teaching.


The communication between the teachers and parents is very helpful, keeps parents involved.


Staff give incentives to students to think for themselves. There is commitment to each child’s learning.


Staff are friendly and there are good relationships with parents.


Lovely receptionists – always helpful, friendly and professional.


There is a very active and dedicated PTA, organising lots of great events and raising money for pantomimes etc.


"Thank you very much for the recent tour of Nash Mills Church of England Primary School with our daughter in preparation for applying for Reception places starting September 2016.  We were extremely impressed with everything we saw, and particularly the positive behaviour policy and the way we saw the six golden rules implemented."


"Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her first year in KS2 and has loved all the teachers and her teaching assistant."


"I'm writing to express my thanks to you and your KS1 teachers for the workshops that were held this morning. They really gave a clear insight to teachers' objectives in the light of the New Curriculum and strategies to best support my child... I recognise the lengths you have gone to so that as many parents as possible can benefit from the workshops and assure you it is much appreciated.
Finally (my son) could barely contain his excitement to show me the certificate from you regarding his "Jack and the beanstalk" writing. He was really proud of himself, and of course we were too ( a photo had to be sent to daddy so he could appreciate to full effect -my son's - delight). Thank you for all that you and your staff do to inspire and foster a love of learning in (my son)."


"We couldn't be happier with our son's start to school life. From day one he ran into the class without looking back. He has learned so much from Nursery and made lots of new friends.  He talks about the Nursery staff a lot out of school, cares very much for all of you and he is really going to miss you all."


"It has been lovely to read our son's report and we really appreciate the time and effort all the staff have taken to help him settle in. The 'next steps' section and the suggestions for activities to do during the holiday are particularly helpful."


"We are amazed how much our daughter has changed since she started Nursery in September. Her confidence has soared and she has absolutely loved her time in Nursery, making lots of new friends and enjoying all aspects of learning. We are looking forward to seeing her progress further in Reception next term. Thank you to all the staff for making it such a great year for her."


"We are absolutely thrilled with our child's Year 1 school report and are encouraged to see that he is achieving the expected levels at the end of this school year. Going into Year 1 we were a little concerned that he was still emotionally behind his peers in some areas, but we have seen his confidence grow more and more during the past year and we feel this has been down to his teacher recognising early on that there was an issue. I now believe with her encouragement and sensitivity to these issues, he has been able to become much more confident in class and group situations. I am thrilled to read that his confidence continues to grow. He is very happy at school and we hope that he continues to grow and flourish as an individual in Year 2. Thank you Nash Mills and particularly his teachers for taking the time to get to know our son."


"I would like to say how impressed I am with Nash Mills. Our daughter is lucky to have had such excellent teachers. "


"We are very proud of how well our daughter has done throughout her time at Nash Mills. The teachers have been amazing and I think her accomplishments reflect this. Such a lovely, caring school and I'll always hold such happy, fond memories."


"Our son's journey through Nash Mills has made us very proud...thank you to his teacher who has contributed so much in helping him to overcome his confidence issues. Also not forgetting Mrs mower who has helped him (and myself!) through some challenging situations! Thank you."


"Our daughter really enjoys school and we feel she has made excellent progress."


"He really looks forward to Nursery and clearly enjoys it."


"I very much appreciate the report into our son's progress and knowing what his strengths are as well as being able to se his weaknesses. Tips and ideas on improving these are appreciated so I can develop his learning appropriately during the summer."


"Thank you for your guidance and encouragement to help him get settled in his new school."


"I appreciate the school's way of partnering with parents/carers to tap into the child's learning and development.  Thank you for your support."    Nursery parent


"Having read my son's report it is evident that his teacher knows him very well.  We really appreciate your kindness and support."


"Thank you not only for this report but also all your hard work this year. Our son loves school, loves learning and as a result is very happy at Nash Mills School. I know how hard you have worked with him because he comes home bubbling with commentary on his learning and a never ending stream of questions to Google. He is stimulated and challenged and you have really inspired a passion for learning. I couldn't be more delighted for the year that he has enjoyed and I am so thankful to you for it."


"He has really enjoyed his time at Nursery and that's due to the great staff there."


"His teacher is outstanding, sweet and lovely."


"The whole Nursery team are a credit to Nash Mills School."


"We have been so pleased with our son's development; he has thrived at Nash Mills and come along in all areas."


"Thank you for helping my child to love learning as he does and enjoy school so much; you have paved the way to his learning career beautifully."


"She has enjoyed Nursery so much this year and she adores all her teachers who we also feel have been fantastic...professional, knowledgeable and approachable."


"So lovely to read such a fantastic report. We are very proud of our son's achievements at Nash Mills School. Thank you to his teacher for understanding him and helping him to reach his full potential. His confidence has grown and we really appreciate all you do."


"We would like to say a big thank you to our daughter's teacher for supporting and encouraging her to push herself that bit harder and not to give up."


"Our daughter has loved every day of Year 1 and we are so pleased that she works hard and tries to do her best! Full credit to the teaching staff who have been fantastic - brilliant assets to the school, thank you!"


"Thank you for a spot on report. It is very personal and makes it easy for our son and us as parents to guide him in the right direction. I wish to thank you for imparting great Christian values in dealing with social aspects."


"Thank you for feedback on our daughter's journey in the Nursery. She enjoyed her time there and always spoke fondly of teachers and staff who looked after her. It was a big learning curve for her that encouraged independence and decision making."


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