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Design and Technology

Subject Intent

All of our learners will have:

  • The opportunity to develop excellent skills across a range of areas and using a wide variety of resources and media.
  • The ability to evaluate their own art and that made by others.
  • A practical approach to design, through a clear process of planning and evaluating.  They will be able to discuss ideas and challenge others.
  • Spirituality.  A clear sense of how art and other media makes them feel and how these things can affect others.
  • The opportunity to record from first-hand experiences and imagination.
  • A critical awareness of the roles and purposes of art and design in different times and cultures. 
  • Knowledge about great artists crafts makers and designers and understand the historical and cultural development of art forms.

Key areas of Knowledge

  • Technical knowledge
  • Practical knowledge
  • Design inspiration
  • Design process

How the subject is taught

The curriculum builds on progression and variety of skills throughout each year group, with a clear focus on progression as pupils move through the school. 


D&T will be taught in a block.

  • D&T should have a plan, make and evaluate method.
  • The skills are required to be taught within the unit and time to allow the children to practice skills before they complete a final product.
  • Evaluating own finished product
  • D&T – 3 topics/units per year group:

One unit should include food technology.


Use of creative curriculum – for example linking to Geography, History and Science.

What we see in classrooms

  • Project work displayed once completed (however this will go home eventually)

How learning is recorded

  • KS1 and 2 pupils will have D and T folders, which are used to record all learning.  Work should be in the folders for most lessons to demonstrate learning.
  • A photos of finished products should be taken and placed in the folder.

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