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Year 3's Autumn Term Curriculum


Our main topic this term will focus on

Stone Age to Iron Age



During our topic work, the children will be learning about the cave men of the early Paleolithic period of the Stone Age. They will also be exploring the lives of people in the Mesolithic period of the Stone Age and how life during this historical period have influenced the modern world. 


Cross curricular  areas linked  to this topic are as follows:

Science-  Finding out what fossils are, how they are formed and what they can tell us about dinosaurs.

Art- Exploring the history and style of cave paintings, and recreating cave paintings in a variety of ways.



Autumn Curriculum Overview

Helping at Home

There are various ways you can support your child with their learning at home. Please see some suggested ideas below for each subject:


In maths, we encourage that you focus on social interactions activities like board and dice games to develop your child's number and calculation skills at home. Your child will develop their mathematical language and reasoning through these interactions. Click here for some suggestions.


In science, we will be learning about the different properties of rocks, investigate which rocks are waterproof , and explore how fossils are formed. Click here for video clips.


In English, we encourage you to hear your child read daily. Please read with your child for ten – fifteen minutes every evening and record this in their Reading Record. 

Talk! Discuss the day and future plans. Please discuss illustrations and the plot, and encourage your child to express an opinion and to give reasons for it as this will help them to voice their ideas confidently and benefit them when they need to write their own stories or to write persuasively.

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