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Year 1

Our book for the Spring 1st half term is:

Want to play trucks?

By Ann Stott

What this book is about

Want to Play Trucks? focuses on conversations between Jack and Alex, one of whom likes to play with dolls and the other with trucks. ‘You can’t wear a tutu and drive a crane,’ argues Jack, and his reasoning is that, ‘It wouldn’t fit in the driver’s seat.’ A compromise is made where the doll wears dungarees instead and then Jack and Alex go for an ice cream.  This books helps the children to talk about gender stereotypes and how we sometimes can make our minds up about something a little too quickly! 

Link to hear this book being read:

Our book for the Spring 2nd half term is:

Going to the Volcano

By Andy Stanton

What this book is about

Going to the Volcano takes the children on a joyful expedition to an erupting volcano, and is chosen for its perfect call-and-response narrative and obvious role-play opportunity. The images show a huge range of different characters working together so that no one is left out.  As the children read the story, they will be prompted to look at how all of the characters look very different, but how they are all working together to achieve the same goal.

Link to hear this book being read:

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