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Year 6

Our book for the Autumn 1st half term is:


By Sandra Deikmann

What this book is about

Leaf describes fears about the unknown and a lack of confidence to find out. A polar bear mysteriously washes up on an island and rather than talking to him, the other animals hide and talk about him.  Then, one day they watch as he does something incredible…

Link to hear this book being read:


Our book for the Autumn 2nd half term is:

Being You!  Poems of Positivity

By Daniel Thompson

What this book is about

This books shares a collection of poems which focus on identity and how important it is to be you.  The 50 poems cover a range of topics including confidence and courage, looking at spreading kindness about one another.

Link to hear this book being read:


Our book for the Spring 1st half term is:

The only way is Badger

By Stella Jones and Carmen Saldana

What this book is about

In ‘The Only Way is Badger’, a rather direct badger builds a wall across the forest and instructs the other animals to be ‘more badger’. If they fail, they are thrown over the wall. The ending of the story provides much material for discussions about conciliatory behaviour and consequences of actions.  Children will talk about difference and how this is not something to be afraid of.  It also opens up discussion about how we all have different strengths – when Deer cannot dig as well as Badger, he is thrown out, rather than recognising what he can do. 

This book considers freedom of speech and what this means.  What is ok to be able to say and what isn’t?  Pupils will have time to consider this and to come up with their own opinions and answers.

Link to hear this book being read:

Our book for the Spring 2nd half term is:

King of the Sky

By Nicola Davies

What this book is about

King of the Sky beautifully explores feelings of being an outsider from the perspective of a young refugee boy. He forms a friendship with an elderly man who teaches the boy to work with homing pigeons. Through the pigeons, the boy learns to feel a sense of belonging.  Pupils will have the opportunity to explore the idea of empathy; how it must feel moving into a new town or country.  Through this, they will be able to consider how, when a new pupil starts at school, they can all work to make them feel welcome.

Link to hear this book being read:

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