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The following advice was provided by one of link professionals:


During this unsettling time for all academic learning can take a back seat and focus on social and emotional aspects of learning.

Relationships – playing games, puzzles, nature walks, arts and crafts, sharing, taking turns, building trust with key adults.

Role modelling – adults to model appropriate play, language, calm outlook, positive outlook. If they lose a game explain that they enjoyed the activity and the time spent playing and the outcome doesn’t matter.

Consistency – the adults should have a consistent approach. Think STEP’s. Scripts and routines: having a consistent routine in school: activity, walk, snack, job, activity.

Positive phrasing – avoid the ‘don’t’ commands, catch the positives and praise, use wondering out loud.

Planning – plan fun activities, games and puzzles.

Reward and positive reinforcement – film Friday? Computer time? Time on an iPad, Sticker charts etc? Make them achievable, realistic and motivating.

Comfort and forgiveness – we are all experiencing excess stress and anxiety, be kind to both yourselves and the children who may not be able to express how they are feeling.

Have a motivating activity to do at the beginning of the day.

The control he is exerting is a way of lowering his anxiety, trying to control something in his life, in a time where we don’t have much control….

Use choices so the children experience some control of their day.

Advice line for parents with concerns about their child's wellbeing

We understand that this is a new and challenging time for many pupils and staff.  Therefore, we have added below some links which you might want to look through with your child. 

Should you have concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing or mental health, please do speak to the school and we will provide support where possible.  In some cases, you may also want to speak to a health professional, such as your GP, who will be able to provide support. 


Our school is also part of the Gade Schools Family Support Service, who offer help and advice to families where needed.  For more information, please follow this link.

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