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Lock down PE 

Hello everyone, I will be releasing different sporting challenges every Monday morning for you to complete. The challenge will be different each week and will give you a chance to win house points from home!!

All entries for each challenge will have to be submitted by Thursday 3pm latest so I can release the results on Friday. 


Also, on Thursdays I will be releasing a fun 10 minute video workout for you to complete. 



Week 1

Monday 11th of January 

This weeks sporting Challenge is to complete a variety of different sporting events. Record your scores for each activity on a piece of paper and after all activities are complete enter your scores on the google form attached below. 

(Please copy and paste into your search bar)


The winning house will get 10 house points !!


Descriptions of each activity: 


Challenge 1 - Bucket throw - You can use a ball or a scrunched up piece of paper. You have 10 attempts to see how many times you can throw the paper/ball into the bucket/pot. Take 4 big steps away from the bucket and mark out your throwing line. 


Challenge 2 - Star jumps in 30 seconds - count how many star jumps can you complete in 30 seconds. 


Challenge 3 - Long jump challenge - Make sure you find a space to complete this challenge. Mark out a start line and stand two feet together and jump as far as you can. Measure the distance using your feet. You have only 5 attempts to jump as far as possible. 


Challenge 4 - Sit ups in 30 seconds - Perform as many sit ups as you can in 30 seconds.


Make sure you complete and send of the results by Thursday 14th at 3pm, so I can present the results on Friday. 

I look forwards to seeing your scores !! Good luck laugh


Thursday 14th 

Please find attached below a link to this weeks Video PE lesson!! 


P.s - ignore the lock down hair stylesmiley


Mr Rayner 

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