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All children who currently have a special Medical, or a Cultural or Religious menu preference/option, must register immediately.


Please be aware that Herts Catering will not be allowed to provide a school dinner for your child if they are not registered on their system.


Please note that when registering for a Medical Menu, you will be asked to upload evidence from a medical professional and your child’s photograph. No application can be processed without this evidence. This ensures that special menus are provided for those who really need it and not to accommodate personal preferences. A photograph will also be required when applying for a Cultural and Religious Menu.


More information can be found on the above website or


email: info.hcl@hertscatering.co.uk

Facebook: HertsCatering

Twitter: @Hertscatering

Packed Lunch Guidance

School Dinner Menu October 2019 - April 2020



We have an excellent catering team who provide high quality food. There is always a vegetarian selection and salad bar with an emphasis on healthy eating.
Our cook can usually cater for special dietary needs. Parents can pay for school lunches half-termly. The exact money should be sent to school in a sealed envelope marked clearly with the child’s name and class or using Schoolgateway.

Universal Free School Meals


As you are aware the Government introduced free school meals for all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children.  This initiative is to help improve healthy eating and provide children with the energy they need to concentrate in class.  We use a ‘Pupil Choice’ menu where children are able to choose from this menu on the day..  There is a hot meat option, a hot vegetarian option and a packed lunch option.



Free School Meal Applications

However, it is important that you still apply for Free School Meals and milk if you meet the criteria below, as the school receives extra funding to help your children.


Children who receive one of the benefits listed can get free school meals and free milk, but you need to apply for them if you receive:

Income support, income-based jobseekers allowance, income-related employment and support allowance, support under immigration and asylum law, the guarantee part of the state pension credit, child tax credit and you have an annual income of £16,190 before tax or less, working tax credit during the 4 week run on period.

Apply online now or call 0300 123 4048. 

Please click on the link below:


School Meals: Pupil Choice


We use a ‘Pupil Choice’ menu where children are able to choose on the day from a choice of hot meals or a cold packed lunch option. Please find attached menu showing all the options available. If you wish your child to have school meals, priced at £2.30 per day, please follow these guidelines.

1) Decide if your child will purchase a meal:

a) 5 x days per week or

b) Wednesday roast and Friday special or

c) Friday special only

2) Pay in advance via Schoolgateway, cheque to Herts Catering Ltd, or cash. All payments must be made for a full half-term only.

3) Your child will choose on the day which option they wish to eat, eg, hot meat/fish dish, a vegetarian dish or a cold packed lunch

Your child can, of course, continue to bring their own packed lunch into school as before.

Changes to your child’s meal pattern can only be made half-termly.

Pupil Choice Menu

Facilities are available for children to bring packed lunches. Please remember that peanut butter cannot be used as a sandwich filling; some of our pupils have serious allergies and this could trigger a severe reaction.
(Cans, glass bottles and fizzy drinks are not allowed.)

Parents are asked to give two weeks notice in writing if they wish their child to change from school meals to packed lunches

Milk is available for Nursery and Key Stage 1 children. You can choose to pay through Schoolgateway . Cheques should be made payable to Hertfordshire County Council. Please complete the milk form and return to the office to ensure that your child receives milk in the new term. Children who are aged 4 for the whole term, and children who are eligible for free school meals, are entitled to have free milk for this term.
Mid morning milk is still being provided at reduced prices as a result of European Community subsidy and that milk is good for your children's growth.
Drinking water is available in every classroom.

The school is part of the ‘School Fruit and Veg Scheme’. This initiative ensures all pupils in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 receive a free portion of fruit or vegetable daily, eg. banana, apple, pear, satsuma or carrot.

Older children may bring in a piece of fruit to eat at morning break.